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POZESS Has Announced Its Plan To Transition From an ICO to an STO

Security Token Sale Coming Soon
Pozess, a Delaware "C" corp, is planning to offer accredited investors a security token offering (STO). Pre-STO equity round is currently in progress. Details available on request.

The World's First User Curated Social Fashion Marketplace on Blockchain

POZESS is a place to discover exclusive modern fashion, lifestyle and tech products, curated by the user community. Users earn cryptocurrency rewards for social activities like posting photos, likes and shares

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Value Proposition

Real-Time Discovery

Discover the latest designs of fashion, lifestyle and tech curated by the user community from various parts of the world.

Save Money

Participate in real- time live sales by unlocking the lowest prices for a limited time

Networking Opportunity

Follow, message, share with other members and merchants of the community. Participate in voting and forum discussions

Blockchain Rewards

Earn rewards in crypto tokens for network building activites such as posting photos, liking, sharing, following and inviting friends

Shared Services

Merchant storefronts are created automatically. The platform provides omni-channel marketing, dashboard to monitor sales and service to ship products conveniently

User Driven Leads

Users invite merchants to list on Pozess when they like, share or add new products

DApp Store

A storefront is automatically created for sellers and merchants.

Trust & Transparency

Smart contract eliminates middleman fees and secures the entire transaction. Merchants are paid only when product reaches the buyer


The Pozess Platform


A Marketplace For Social Sharing & Curation

  • Purchase using PZS tokens, cryptocurrencies or Fiat!
  • Discover Unique products curated by the user community.
  • Boutique Merchants invited by the users
  • Token Rewards for Posts, Likes and Shares.
  • Verified Sellers and Reviews.
  • Social Networking and Interaction Opportunities
  • Smart Contract based Secure Transactions and Shipping
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Fund Allocation

Product Development

Platform Development and Integration

Technology Research

Future enhancements & research


Omnichannel Marketing and Promotions

Company Reserves

Contingency fund for company use and mitigating risks

Admin & Legal

Admin & Legal Expenses


Please find links to our white paper, one pager, privacy policy and terms & conditions


We believe that behind every successful venture is a vision, a great team and a well executed plan.Our roadmap below is our plan to achieve success.

The idea of Pozess and initial design

2017 Aug
2017 Sept

Formation of core team, requirements, design, and development

Complete Blockchain component requirements and analysis and begin Blockchain design

2018 Jan
2018 July

First version of Website, iOS, and Android app completed.

White paper development and review complete

2019 January

Begin pre STO equity round.

Complete alpha version of Android app

2019 April

Begin Security Token Sale and Initial Merchant Onboarding

Develop Key Partnerships and Integrations

2019 July
2019 September

Complete development of smart contract and blockchain components

Release Beta version of the Pozess Platform

2019 November
2020 January

Launch Omnichannel marketing program in key markets

Launch Full version of the Pozess Platform and initial market expansion in North America

2020 March
2020 July

Market expansion in North American, Europe, and Asia. Onboarding of first thousand merchants


We are focused in building a world class platform. Here is the progress so far.

SignUp & Registration
Curate Photos
Live Product Display
Like, Share, Refer
Profile Management
Product Listing
Product Promotions
Order Management
Email & Push Notification
Language & Localization
In progress
Decentralized (BlockChain)
Rewards Management
In progress
Rewards Pool
In progress
In progress
Product Payment
In progress
SignUp & Registration
Payment Processor
Currency Exchange
In progress
Smart Contracts
In progress


We have decided to share the alpha version of the app with our user community for full transparency. The app is an exciting place to save money with exclusive discounts, network by following each other, messaging, liking, sharing and participating in forum discussions both on and off platform to help create a network effect and to earn token rewards.
Multi-language support and localization helps reach a large market across the world.

  • Live Sales
  • Smart Wallet
  • My Profile
  • Storefront
  • Add Products
  • My Cart
  • Follow users
  • Dashboard
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Meet Our Team

Meet our amazing and experienced team who is transforming the vision into reality.


Kaustuva Mukherjee

CEO & Founder

Naomi Cosman

Cofounder, CMO

Christian Herrero

Cofounder, CSO

Aliona Balatsanova

PR Manager

Yevgenia Gagarkina


Salil Ghosh

Technical Manager

Subhasis Mukherjee

Blockchain Project Manager

Manish Shukla

Blockchain Specialist

Nilanjan Maity

Blockchain Specialist

Somnath Mukherjee

Application Developer

Sumit Mishra

Application Developer

Sudipta Biswas

IOS Mobile Development

Arpan Saha

UI/UX Designer

Debasis Pal

Application Developer

Meet Our Advisors

Meet Our Expert Panel of Advisors


Richard Shibi

Blockchain Advisor

Carlo Buonpane

Blockchain & Crypto Advisor

Chai Shepherd

Blockchain Advisor

Rahul Vyas

Blockchain & UX Advisor

Marcelo de Laspuerta

ICO Advisor

Laurent Garcia

ICO Advisor

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Frequently asked questions about the Pozess platform and Token Sale

faq persone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pozess?

POZESS is a decentralized model for a revolutionary social marketplace platform that uses Blockchain technology to reward users and directly connect merchants and shoppers.

POZESS is a collaborative social platform between Shoppers, Merchants and Social Media users. POZESS is based on a simple concept, each participant can act as an ambassador for their favorite online retailer. Users post images from the internet and invite merchants to join POZESS. Activities within the platform such as like, shares and referrals further add value by enhancing visibility for the businesses and token velocity.

The PZS token acts as an incentive to users to build the POZESS community. The token can be used to purchase goods and services within the platform. The token reward system coupled with utility of the token allows consumers and businesses to create a self-sustaining transactional value system.

What is an Security Token Offering (STO)?

An Security Token Offering (STO) is similar to an ICO where coins or tokens are offered by companies for purchase as a way to fund the project development. Purchasers can exchange their currency (ETH, BTC, USD etc) for a specified amount of tokens.

However unlike ICOs where tokens only represent services or units of service such as access to network, purchasing power in the platform,etc. with STOs, the purchased tokens are backed by something of tangible value like assets, profits or the revenue of the company. STOs follow strict regulatory and KYC/AML requirements therefore protecting both the investor and the token issuer.

What type of tokens will be issued by Pozess?

At POZESS we are creating a dual-token structure, where we are leveraging the benefits that are inherent in both types of tokens where one type of token will be linked in a way that enables stakeholders to participate in the growth of the POZESS Blockchain ecosystem, while the other will help in capitalizing on the projected growth and regulatory compliant nature of security tokens. The dual token strategy shall be categorized by the following:

The PZS Utility Token - The PZS utility token are cryptographic tokens, conforming to the ERC-20 standard, distributed by an ERC-20 compliant smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain network. The token is used for purchases made in the POZESS ecosystem, offer discounts & incentives and reward users for network building activities.

The PZSX Security Token- The PZSX security token will be offered to our investors through a Regulation D and a Regulation S private sale process. The security token is intended to be used for fundraising purposes only. The security token offering shall allow investors to earn dividends and revenue share and a possible equity ownership in the future

Where can I find more information on the STO token sale terms?

POZESS is currently offering investors direct equity through a private sale in a pre STO equity round before it launches the main STO token sale. Details of the presale and the STO token round are available upon request by contacting us here

Can US Citizens participate in the STO?

Yes, under Regulation D accredited investors of United States can participate in the security token sales if they pass the KYC/AML requirements. Investors from outside the United States can participate under Regulation S.Token sales shall be conducted in compliance with applicable laws of the relevant regulatory authorities including the SEC and ESMA

Where can I sell the tokens?

After the STO, you will be able to sell tokens. We plan to list them on token exchanges that are designed specifically for security tokens. However, there is no guarantee of liquidity as well as there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell it for a price equal to or greater than the price that it was purchased.

Why should I use the Pozess token (PZS)?

PZS is a cryptocurrency that powers social participation and e-commerce transactions within the POZESS platform and generate value

The PZS token gives power to consumers to purchase products, earn rewards and avail special discounts and bonuses. Pozess token holders can also use the token to unlock special features and functionalities.

Why invest in Pozess?

POZESS - a unique social marketplace that combines social media, digital marketing and e-commerce is set to revolutionize a $713 Billion fashion and accessories market. The platform is not just on an idea or concept, but a functional product with a well thought out business plan, backed by an experienced team that has spent the past 3 years in market research, developing an MVP and getting user feedback.

How do I earn POZESS token (PZS) incentives?

The PZS token is distributed periodically to users, early adopters and ambassadors based on their activity and participation towards building the network. The types of rewards are as follows:

  • Linking Social Accounts
  • Quality rewards
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Social Rewards
  • Reputation Rewards
  • Referral Rewards
How is POZESS helping entrepreneurs?

POZESS offers businesses and merchants several benefits including:

  • User Driven Leads
  • Ready Audience
  • Access to International Market
  • Easy Listing & Store Creation
  • Global Shipping & Tracking
  • Omni-channel Marketing
  • Promotion Tools
  • Transactions without Middleman
  • Low Transaction Costs & Fees
  • Order Management Dashboard
What are the near term goals of POZESS?

The POZESS team is primarily concentrated on market penetration and global adoption of their platform as a leader in cryptocurrency based social marketplace instead of earning maximum revenue and profit.

We will be executing a comprehensive growth marketing strategy including organic/paid marketing and global sales campaign to lead the market. However our primary focus will be in implementing a self sustainable model of growth through network effect to reduce our cost of acquisition.

When will the mobile app be available?

The Alpha version of our website version is now completed and now available. The app is going to be released in IOS and Android platforms by end of Q1 2019. Our fully functional platform beta is expected to be released by the 3rd quarter of 2019.

How many members are on your team?

We have over 20 experienced team members and advisors, with extensive experience in blockchain technology, e-commerce, marketing, financials, software development, and in many more areas. We plan to hire additional personnel and also collaborate with partners in the near future.

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